training – first walk

As I’ve not walked more than about 5 or 6 miles since I was 18 … I have some training to do 🙂

… and add to this (1) I always wear sandals, so even putting on a pair of walking shoes give me instant blisters and (2)  have become so so nesh1; I’ve got so used to not being uncomfortable and need to train as much to be prepared to go out in all weathers, to get wet, too hot, too cold, and put up with it.

My plan is to walk a short 6 mile-ish walk every other day through the winter and then longer round the island (17 mile) walk once a week, and had I planned to start as soon as I got back to Tiree after being away in September … but I’ve been busy, deadlines, etc.; hardly left the house let alone long walks in last month 🙁

However, today, at last, my first walk.  Just a short 6 mile circuit down to Hynish and back.  I think that will be my standard short walk as it cuts along the sea all the way, and is not busy with cars (well this is Tiree no road is that busy!).

I’m planning also to experiment using a digital recorder while walking, so the time walking is not ‘wasted’ (hmm, is there a worker-holic tendency in there somewhere?), but today just a stroll by the sea.

When I walk next year I will only need to average 17 miles a day, so fairly relaxed, more the fact of doing that day on day that needs a bit of practice.

  1. Nesh is a lovely dialect world that means soft, not hardy.  The online dictionaries all relate it particularly to cold, although the etymology in the thefreedictionary definiiton is broad “Old English hnesce; related to Gothic hnasqus tender, soft; of obscure origin”.  [back]