stage 5 — North Wales

12–17 May 2013

From the post industrial Deeside along endless promenades and abandoned quarryscapes: visiting the smallest church and smallest house in Wales and mistaken for a druid


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  1. day 25 – Chester to Flint

    miles walked: 11   completed: 234.3   to go: 826

    The northern start of the Welsh Coast Path … if you can find it. A day starting with a long walk along the straight canal-like Dee and ending with a castle dwarfed by towers. Power station and Airbus wing, tide-swept flotsam and rain-drenched walking.

  2. day 26 – Flint to Mostyn

    miles walked: 8   completed: 242.3   to go: 818

    Eighteenth century immigration and pollution, gunshots across the marches, and one of the modern wonders of Wales.

  3. day 27 – Mostyn to Abergele

    miles walked: 18   completed: 260.3   to go: 800

    Political images on the Duke of Lancaster, a wind farm farm, a gas terminal and a lighthouse, dunes and promenade, more promenade, and more, slightly dingy, promenade, and a sea of caravans.

  4. day 28 – Abergele to Conwy

    miles walked: 21   completed: 281.3   to go: 779

    Meeting a missionary in a Llanfairfechan cafe and mistaken for a druid on Great Orm, St Trillio’s by the sea and Conwy by night.

  5. day 29 – Conwy to Llanfairfechan

    miles walked: 8   completed: 289.3   to go: 771

    While yesterday was supposed to be a short day and turned out to be a long one, today was intended to be a long one, from Conway to Bangor, but turned out to be shorter. Sand, roads, railways and a message from Buzz.

  6. day 30 – Llanfairfechan to Menai Bridge

    miles walked: 13   completed: 302.3   to go: 758

    Along the coastal nature reserves leading to Bangor, City of Learning and first steps on Anglesey. A labyrinth, an unplanned tour of an industrial estate, and an unplanned sausage and bacon bun.