stage 11 — Gower

9–17 July 2013

Almost a country within a country, dramatic contrasts: grazed tidal flats, rolling dunes, the petrified dragon of Worm’s Head and unrivalled Three Cliffs Bay.


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  1. day 83 – Carmarthen to Kidwelly

    miles walked: 14   completed: 917.3   to go: 143

    mostly roads, a little beach, a rebel and a local hero

  2. day 84 – Kidwelly to Llanelli

    miles walked: 13   completed: 930.3   to go: 130

    “one aim, one business, one desire”, a repaired exhaust, and cycling for work

  3. day 85 – Llanelli to Llanrhidian

    miles walked: 17   completed: 947.3   to go: 113

    we don’t do Swansea, the jungles of North Gower and a fortuitous meeting

  4. day 86 – Llanrhidian to Hillend

    miles walked: 12   completed: 959.3   to go: 101

    fellow walkers and runners, a community shop and search for childhood cave

  5. day 87 – Hillend to Port Eynon

    miles walked: 9   completed: 968.3   to go: 92

    encounters with a snake and a horsefly, an unexpected fellow traveller, eastern and western meditations, and two acts of kindness

  6. day 88 – off path – a wedding in Nottingham

    a wedding in the east and a plumber who likes a challenge, suits, tents and paper boats

  7. day 89 – Port Eynon to Three Cliffs

    miles walked: 8   completed: 976.3   to go: 84

    starting with an unexpected meeting; journeying past limestone, line-wash and wind-flung sand dunes; stories of trauma: broken toe nails, bites, bruises and brain tumours, and intimations of consciousness; ending with a cornucopia of kindness and a sumptuous feast

  8. day 90 – Three Cliffs to Swansea

    miles walked: 14   completed: 990.3   to go: 70

    meeting a new friend, and eating with old ones, tank tracks and snake tracks, the first female industrialist and the slow emancipation of women

  9. day 91 – filming at Three Cliffs

    slumming it executive-style and an interview in the sun, pilgrimage and walking music