These are books from my bookshelf connected with the walk about Wales and the Welsh language, about walking historical and current, about maps and geography. Some I have had for many years and some I was given this Christmas. I have not read them all (yet) … but for those I don’t manage before the walk I will have three and half months to catch up! Where a book is available on Amazon I’ve tried to add links, and also I will try to upload my personal notes and mini-reviews to BookNotes (just a couple so far).


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  1. You may find the following book of poems by Welsh poet Clare Maynard of interest.

    Book description:

    Memory of Fire is a collection of poems composed by Clare Maynard while traveling between Wales and Germany and in other parts of Europe over a period of ten years. The majority of the poems were written in cafés in Berlin during the winter months, drawing on past memories.

    The collection captures the different atmospheres of rural and urban landscapes, evoking both myth and the historical changes experienced by those who live inside and outside of the towns and cities, also how countryside and city can represent transient and static cultures, some of them remaining unchanged throughout the years.

    Free ebook version (PDF, epub, and mobi for Kindle) of Memory of Fire by Clare Maynard available at

    Kurtis Sunday

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