academic writing

Academic and professional writing

A. Dix (2012). Alan Walks Wales. Interfaces 92 (Winter 2012), p.5–6. full article

A. Dix (2013).  Mental Geography, Wonky Maps and a Long Way AheadGeoHCI, Workshop on Geography and HCI, CHI 2013.  slides, paper and links

A. Dix (2013).  The Walk: exploring the technical and social margins. Keynote APCHI 2013 / India HCI 2013, Bangalore India, 27th September 2013. abstract, slides, and full notes

A. Morgan, A. Dix, M. Phillips and C. House (2014).  Blue sky thinking meets green field usability: can mobile internet software engineering bridge the rural divide? Local Economy, September–November 2014. 29(6–7):750–761. (Published online August 21, 2014). doi: 10.1177/0269094214548399  abstract and full paper

A. Dix (2014). Alan Walks Wales: Sensing the Miles. Video Presentation, ‘Enhancing Self-Reflection with Wearable Sensors’, workshop at mobileHCI 2014 Toronto, 23rd September 2014.
abstract, slides and links

Dix, A., & Ellis, G. (2015). The Alan walks Wales dataset: Quantified Self and Open Data. In J. Atenas & L. Havemann (Eds.), Open Data As Open Educational Resources: Case Studies of Emerging Practice. London: Open Knowledge, Open Education Working Group.
doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1590031

A. Dix (2017). Getting nowhere slowly: learning from a thousand miles at walking pace. Talk at What Comes After CHI: Technology on the Trail, Virginia Tech., 2-3 March 2017. abstract, slides and related work

A. Dix (2017). Walking (a long way)CHI Outside – Interactive Computing in Outdoor RecreationCHI2017 Special Interest Group position paper, slides and links

S. Asimakopoulos and A. Dix. (2017). Walking: A Grounded Theory of Social Engagement and Experience. Interacting with Computers, 29(6):824–844. doi:10.1093/iwc/iwx014  abstact and links

A. Dix. (2018).  Step by Step ResearchUnpublished In Into the Wild: Beyond the Design Research Lab. A. Chamberlain and A. Crabtree (eds.), Springer, pp.7–29. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-18020-1_2  abstract and draft chapter