In response to some verse from Joaquim Jorge, I made the following Limerick:

A wild Welshman from Tiree
One day set off on a spree
The odd thousand miles
And not a few stiles
Then home for some Welsh cakes and tea

Here is Joaquim’s verses:

There was this cunning gent
Who walked a 1000 miles
With not much of a sigh
Around Wales he went

But alas!
By means of a powerpoint
he made his p(o)int
with quite a fracas

… and here are some words from Tom McEwan (song writer extraordinaire) … is this rap-like?

A Dix from the sticks
wandered amongst hicks,
who might have been Picts,
oh, back when he was six.
He paused to take pix,
slowing pace down to nix,
before slugging elixir
and claiming I’ll fix her,
re some unfixed sensor
what had false data sent for


Welsh cakes by Tan y Castell