stage 3 — Offa’s Dyke Mid Wales

3–8 May 2013

Rolling hills, the flat Severn plain and back to hills again; a world heritage site and the pub with bars in two countries.


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  1. day 16 – return to the trail

    No walking this day, just a drive from Manchester Airport back to Kington, where I eventually visit the Tavern and muse on the future for a town in a time warp.

  2. day 17 – Kington to Knighton

    miles walked: 13.5   completed: 127   to go: 933.3

    A day that starts and ends with two cafes and two golf courses, with rolling sheep-filled hillsides between. Flock art, unexplained turkey legs and a monument to a Victorian railway baron.

  3. day 18 – Knighton to Newcastle

    miles walked: 7.2   completed: 134.2   to go: 926.1

    No, not Newcastle upon Tyne (that would be a long day), but Newcastle upon Clun, only a short seven and a half mile walk over low hills and farmland, nearly due north from Knighton, wth Offa’s Dyke clearly running beside the path for nearly all of the day and my first red kite.

  4. day 19 – Newcastle to Forden

    miles walked: 13.2   completed: 147.4   to go: 912.9

    The day from Newcastle to Forden started with a 'switch back' over hills and valleys, which give way to long flat stretches of the Severn Flood plain, with an unexpected meeting on the way, images of imagination and feet that ran across Jura.

  5. day 20 – Fordon to Porth-y-Waen

    miles walked: 20.1   completed: 167.5   to go: 892.8

    A longish, but easy day cutting across the flood plains of the Severn. Passing the birthplace of the now ubiquitous Leylandii, a dry dam and a possible nuclear bunker.

  6. day 21 – Porth-y-Waen to Llangollen

    miles walked: 19.5   completed: 187   to go: 873.3

    A day of three castles, one that was not, one that was missed and one of a king who will come again. A day of lows, but ending on top of the world.