various writing connected with the journey

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Academic and professional writing

A. Dix (2012). Alan Walks Wales. Interfaces 92 (Winter 2012), p.5–6. full article

A. Dix (2013).  Mental Geography, Wonky Maps and a Long Way AheadGeoHCI, Workshop on Geography and HCI, CHI 2013.  slides, paper and links

A. Dix (2013).  The Walk: exploring the technical and social margins. Keynote APCHI 2013 / India HCI 2013, Bangalore India, 27th September 2013. abstract, slides, and full notes

A. Morgan, A. Dix, M. Phillips and C. House (2014).  Blue sky thinking meets green field usability: can mobile internet software engineering bridge the rural divide? Local Economy, September–November 2014. 29(6–7):750–761. (Published online August 21, 2014). doi: 10.1177/0269094214548399  abstract and full paper

A. Dix (2014). Alan Walks Wales: Sensing the Miles. Video Presentation, ‘Enhancing Self-Reflection with Wearable Sensors’, workshop at mobileHCI 2014 Toronto, 23rd September 2014.
abstract, slides and links

Dix, A., & Ellis, G. (2015). The Alan walks Wales dataset: Quantified Self and Open Data. In J. Atenas & L. Havemann (Eds.), Open Data As Open Educational Resources: Case Studies of Emerging Practice. London: Open Knowledge, Open Education Working Group.
doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1590031

A. Dix (2016). It was a Walk. Walking propositions, WalkingLab: performing lines & research-creation. proposition entry

A. Dix (2017). Getting nowhere slowly: learning from a thousand miles at walking pace. Talk at What Comes After CHI: Technology on the Trail, Virginia Tech., 2-3 March 2017. abstract, slides and related work

A. Dix (2017). Walking (a long way)CHI Outside – Interactive Computing in Outdoor RecreationCHI2017 Special Interest Group position paper, slides and links

A. Dix (2017). My NaNo Road Trip: A 1,000 Mile Walking Journy. The NaNoWriMo Blog, June 2017. blog entry at NaNoWriMo

A. Dix (2017). Entry in Offa’s Dyke Path Hall of Fame. National Trails, UK, 2017.  full text of entry and linksHall of Fame

A. Dix. (2018).  Step by Step ResearchUnpublished (in progress for volume on Research in the Wild).  abstract and draft chapter

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